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Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day


Today at work, they surprised each of us with flowers, a personal note and a $15 Starbucks card to show their appreciation for all that we do. It was a very welcome surprise.


10 Things I’m Loving Right Now


It’s only Monday and it has already been a trying week. Sheesh!
Truth be told, the whole month of March has been pretty hard on me; I really had to dig to find 10 things for this post. I just had to work a little to remember that in spite of it all, I am truly blessed. Something that helped me was recalling a song that we used to sing when I was on the praise team at church (back when I use to go).
The song simply says…
‘As I look back over my life, I can see how Your love has guided me. Even though I’ve done wrong, You never left me alone; You forgave me, and still You kept on blessing’. So, here we go!
1.) God-I know that not everyone believes but I do. My faith helps me through the tough times.


2.) Work!-I am soooo thankful to be employed; even though my job stresses me out sometimes.


3.) Family-The one I was born into as well as those I’ve added by choice.
4.) My Parents-I got to spend another birthday (hers) with my mommy and they just celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary.



5.) Tomi-we had our 6 month wedding anniversary. Still the best day ever!


6.) Entrepreneurial Endeavors-I have become an ordained minister and am now waiting for my business license. I am going to perform weddings!

7.) Music-I love creating playlists for the different aspects of my life. I appreciate the way music helps you feel your feelings; good bad or indifferent.
8.) Hayley-Shih Tzu cuddles are the best after a long, hard day.


9.) Positive Self-Image
I appreciate all the positive body imagery I come across on my journey to improve my body.




10.) Life-It’s crazy, stressful, happy, sad, tumultuous, rewarding and countless other descriptive words. Most importantly, its mine! I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


2012; Gone But Not Forgotten


2012 has been quite year for me and my family. There have been good times and bad times which have brought many lessons that I plan to take with me into 2013. I have learned that some friendships run their course and no amount of holding on can change that; and that’s alright. You take the lessons that friendship taught you and move forward. I have learned that you can’t choose your family but you can choose how you choose to let your family affect your life. I am all about positivity and if you are not on my page then I have to steer clear. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you, it just means that I love my peace and my piece of mind more. One very important lesson I learned in 2012 is that I have to take time to take care of me and that doing so is not being selfish. If I don’t take care of myself, how can I take care of others? I learned that getting fired is not the end of the world although it felt like it at the time. I learned to seek the lesson in situations that I would normally perceive as bad and use them as I move onward and upward.

I am really looking forward to 2013. I will get to watch another one of my little cousins get married and I will have the honor of singing at the wedding. I am really looking forward to that. I will be having my own wedding in 2013 as well and I am looking forward to sharing that with the love of my life. I plan to nurture my familial and friendly relationships. I appreciate all of the people that are or have been a part of my life and I enjoy being able to let them know that. I plan to continue working toward losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle. Most importantly, I plan to spend 2013 doing my very best to make every single day that I am blessed to see even more AMAZING than the day before.

10 Things I Am Loving Right Now

It has been some time since I’ve written anything and I am in the kind of mood where I need to count some of my many blessings. It could be the weather or perhaps something else that has me in a state of melancholy lately. Anyway, here we go…

1.) God-I know that not everyone believes but I do and there are some days that I know I would not have made it through without prayer, faith and God.

2.) Social Media-I am so thankful to be able to keep up with my friends and family via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Life happens and it is nice to be able to stay on top of things like birthdays, children, parties and all the other ins and outs of life. Especially since we live so far away from everyone.

3.) Tomi-There are some days when I am not sure that I would be able to maintain my sanity if I didn’t have her in my life. Plus, I think it is important to have someone in your life who makes you laugh to the point of urination.

4.) Singing-The ability to sing is what keeps me from catching a case some days. Singing is a great release for me and whether I am feeling great or down in the dumps, singing helps get me through.

5.) Zoloft (no filter) – I will just say that there are a lot of people who I have to deal with in my day-to-day that should be thankful that I am medicated.

6.) Employment-I know a lot of people who are out there right now looking for work and I am thankful that I have a job. There are days when my co-workers get on my nerves but I am thankful to have them.

7.) Moving-Although it was a LOT of work, we are moved into a bigger, better place and we are happy there.

8.) Pinterest- Anyone who has ever been on the website knows why I am thankful for Pinterest and anyone who has never been on it, don’t do it. You will be hooked.

9.) Comfort food (in moderation) – There is nothing better when the weather starts to turn cool. I have pulled out all kinds of recipes for hearty soups and stews and casseroles; all the stuff to make you feel warm deep down in your soul (They’ve got some great recipes on Pinterest).

10.) Being literate-I have read a lot of really great books lately and I am thankful for the ability to do that.

10 Things I Am Loving Right Now

What a trying time this has been for me. Just trying to keep my head above water lately has been a lot of work. Especially in times like this, I have to say thank you for all that I have been blessed with.
1. Thank you Lord for waking me up each day to see all the beauty You’ve created.
2. I can be a little bit high maintenance and I am so thankful for Tomi who loves me through everything.
3. Family & friends who pray for me and know that I pray for them too; even when we don’t talk or see one another forever!
4. Our house! Finally there is no one living over our heads and my dog has a yard to run around in.
5. Work-Thankful for my J.O.B. and thankful for my Mary Kay business.
6. The ability to read. I have read a lot of good books lately, including my bible, and I am so thankful to have that joy.
7. Another year! So thankful that in 20 days, I get to see another birthday (Tomi’s birthday is in 15 days and I am also thankful for that).
8. DVR-I appreciate that I don’t have to be glued to the television in order to catch my favorite shows.
9. Social networks & smart phones which allow me to keep up with my friends & fam. We have busy lives that take us in all kinds of directions but a short blurb and we’re all caught up.
10. With all of its ups and downs, I am very thankful for my life.

Just being me!

10 Things I Am Loving Right Now

February’s List~I want you to know I had to pray on this one because February was a really hard month for me.

1) Life!-Everyday that I wake up is a blessing from God and an opportunity to be better. It may sound cheesy to some but that really is how I live my life.

2)Tomi-We have been together for 7+ years but Feb 17th, 2006 is the day we committed to one another for life. I have no regrets. She is truly an amazing woman.

3)My Job-Thankful to be employed. I love that there is an underlying order to the chaos that sometimes accompanies my work. It feels good to be worn out from a job well done at the end of the day. LOVE IT!

4) Being an entrepreneur!-I have become a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. I am taking baby steps toward being my own boss and empowering myself and others; that feels awesome. Check me out http://www.marykay.com/JaVonnaThomas and register for monthly deals (you knew that plug was coming).

5) DIY (Do It Yourself) Projects-Tomi and I have been taking steps to clear out our clutter and organize our lives. In doing so, we have come across some issues with storage. It has been fun to come up with ways to solve our problems that are inexpensive and just require some trips to the craft/hardware store and re-purposing things we already have.

6)Pescetarian- term created in the early 90’s to describe a vegetarian who’s main diet consists of vegetables, fruit and whole grains but who occasionally enjoys seafood. That would be Tomi & I. Making the transition was not as difficult as one might think.

7)Accessories & Toiletries-In clearing and cleaning my space, I discovered just how many pair of earrings, necklaces, lotions and body sprays I have. WOW! Tomi says she thinks they’re mating and multiplying while we sleep.

8)My Blackberry!-What an amazing device. I appreciate that for all of my needs ‘there’s an app for that!’.

9)My Grandmother-This February marks the 6th year since she passed away. This year, instead feeling sad because she is gone, I felt happy to have her in my life for as long as I did. I took the time to reflect on all the happy memories of her. Truly a blessed woman who tried to be a blessing to others.

10)Me!-I love who I am and I love who I am striving to be.

Just Me, JaVonna

From Distressed To De-Stressed

Yesterday, work was ridiculous! I was running late, started off the day by myself and then over the course of the day I worked with 5 other people including my clinic manager and a manager of another clinic.
It was great to have some help but the day as a whole was extremely busy, chaotic and stressful. By the time things slowed down I was drained and just ready to go; my brain was FRIED!
We had stopped taking patients for the evening and there was finally time to start putting some of the madness in order. My co-worker pointed toward the door. I looked up abd there stood my honey! She said “Hey!” and handed me a goodie…a small M & M’s figurine filled with the delicious candies. Then, she turned and walked out the door.
During my break she had asked how my day was going. I told her how it had started off kind of crazy and then spiraled downward from there. I appreciate her thoughtfulness in stopping by to give me a little boost to get me through the rest of my shift with a smile on my face. She’s awesome that way.

Just Me, JaVonna