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A Month Of Blessings – Day 1

My intention was to do my “10 Things” post for two months since I forgot April and May just ended. I have decided to do something different though.
I am thankful every day, all day for my life but for this month, my birthday month, I am going to post a picture each day of something I am thankful for and a blurb saying why. I have been having a hard time mentally and emotionally lately and as I near completion of another year of life, I feel like I need to remind myself how blessed I am.
Here we go…

Day 1

Tomi...my wife

I am so blessed to have this beautiful soul in my life. She is there to shore me up when I need a bit of help with bearing my life load. She makes me laugh, tells me I’m beautiful and she is my very best friend. She also has a June Birthday!

Mental Health Weekend

I have been wallowing in my circumstances; healing from my eye surgery, all of the time I’ve had to take off of work, bills and health. Not complaining, just allowing things to consume my thoughts…alot!


You see, I am loathe to go do anything because I can’t really see beyond a few inches in front of my face and that makes me feel anxious and unsafe. Plus, I feel guilty going to do stuff but I’m not going to work. I realize though that I can only do what I can do. Without correction, I can’t do my job. That doesn’t mean that I have to stop living life.


My honey decided that I needed a mental health weekend so we grabbed one of the grandbabies (our only local one) and headed to the ocean. I have to say that I am glad I went because it was just what I needed.

Baby Jay


Granny T & BugABoo


Super model

Mrs. Thomas (I’s Married Now!)

We did it! Washington state made it legal for us to be responsible for one another; to be married. It seemed to take forever to get here but September 21st, 2013 @ 4:00pm arrived and we are now Mrs. & Mrs. Thomas. The ceremony was beautiful, the food at the reception was delicious, the drinks were flowing and the DJ kept folks dancing all night long (I will shout out all my vendors in another post). I can’t say that things went off without a hitch (a very drunk Groomette and the wedding cake being involved in an auto accident) but for Tomi & I, our day was pure magic.

It was a day filled with our friends, family and SO much love. My heart was so full that I spent the day smiling and crying tears of joy. I truly felt like the belle of the ball.

I was very happy to have my parents there. My mom didn’t get to be involved with the planning because of our distance but she got to be there to help me get ready on my big day. My daddy got to give me away. Just before he made the hand-off, he leaned in to Tomi and said “She’s your problem now.” I love my dad…LOL!

One of our older girls, Michelle, was able to fly in from California to be here. Also, our two youngest girls were bridesmaids. Some of my cousins, aunts and an uncle made it over from the west side of the mountains to share the love.




I couldn’t have dreamed of a more perfect day.