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Weekly Weigh-In x2

So, I got really busy and really sick so I didn’t post last week. My weigh-ins are always on Wednesdays. At last week’s weigh-in, I was down 1.6lbs and another 3.25 total inches. Yay me!!



When I weighed in this week I had gained 1.4lbs. but still lost 2.25 total inches. Yay me…again!!


Upon discussing things with my health coach, we discovered that the gain was more than likely due to the sugar in the cough drops and cough syrup I have been taking because of my illness. Also, the provider that I saw gave me prednison (steroids) which didn’t help my situation either.

So, the score card for those keeping track…

I started the Ideal Protein program on 1/19/14


As of 3/19/14 I am down a total of 24.6lbs


I am down a total of 11.25 total Inches…-3.5in in my chest, -2.75in in my waist, -3.25in in my hips, -1.25in in my arms, -1.50in in my thighs.

What is most awesome for me is that I am having to buy some clothes in smaller sizes; I bought new pants that are 3 sizes smaller the other day. WHOOP! WHOOP!




Weekly Weigh-In

Well, after a weekend of grazing on ‘whole’ foods, I gained a pound. I am back on track though so next week should be back to my normal loss ration of about 3lbs. We were out of town for the weekend and had to eat out quite a bit and our options weren’t always the best.
The one thing that I appreciate about where I am mentally with doing Ideal Protein this time is that I can recognize where I went wrong and because I was mentally ready this time, a small derail doesn’t cause me to go completely off track.

Cheaters Never Lose…Weight.

This is the face of a cheater!
This is the face of a cheater!

This weekend was my first “test” and I failed. I was in a situation where I couldn’t have any of my Ideal Protein foods or healthy veggies to snack on so I did what you are never supposed to do; I just didn’t eat. And then when I did eat, I did not make the best choices. I felt soooooo guilty!
This is also my first “time-of-the-month” since I have been on the program and the cravings I usually have (sweet & salty) but I have been able to control myself and not going on a snacking bender.
I have been so proud of myself with staying on program. I did not like the feeling that came with being a “cheater” and I definitely don’t like the 2lbs. that I gained as a result. I am back on the wagon and I have learned from my mistakes. I am definitely going to have to do some better planning when we travel to make sure that I don’t have another cheating episode.

I’m Feeling High Because I’m Still Down!

After two weeks off of my eating plan, I went in for my Ideal Protein weigh-in. The bad news is that.I gained 8.8 lbs. The good news is that I am still down 15lbs! YES! I am riding high on that fact. I had been eating horribly so I fully expected to gain all the weight back.
I am feeling renewed and encouraged and ready to kick weight loss back into gear. I have a great support system and I feel renewed in my endeavor to lose this weight.


Week 4 Ideal Protein Update

I gained 5lbs. Sad day! I cheated on the plan and paid with pounds and $$. I got off my eating schedule and had some things I definitely shouldn’t have. Not to mention the bloat and water retention from being on my menses. It hurt to see the numbers going up on the scale but I only have myself to blame.
I talked with my coach, formulated a plan and now, I am back on track. Plus, I had an appointment with my doctor today to adjust my thyroid meds which should help as well.
I feel more determined than ever and I’ve got my eye on the prize. Here’s to beginning; again.