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10 Things I’m Loving Right Now…January Edition

I am a few days behind but this has been a busy few days. At any rate, here we go!

1.) My mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. Some days are harder than others but I am here and every day I’m blessed to see is another opportunity to be better.


2.) Tomi – If I could have created my perfect mate, I couldn’t have done better. She is honest, supportive and loves me just the way I am.


3.) Ideal Protein – down 11.6 in two weeks; just the boost I need on my weight loss journey.

4.) Veronica, Michelle, Jay, Keely, JaLisa; my children in order from oldest to youngest. JaLisa is the only one I gave birth to but the others know “Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone. Nevertheless, still my own.”

Veronica "Ronnie"
Michelle & Keely

5.) Employment – I am so thankful for a job that I love with co-workers that don’t get on my nerves most days.

6.) Music – I have an ever-changing playlist for every aspect of my life. If my life were a movie, everyone would want the soundtrack.

7.) Books – Whether or not it’s my nook or an ink-to-paper book from the library; I appreciate the distraction.

8.) A mild winter…so far.

9.) My parents – just because they’re awesome.


10.) Making it through the first month of 2014.

10 Things I Am Loving Right Now

I have had a lot going on lately; some good things and some not so good. I always try to find the silver lining so I thought now would be a great time for a list of things I am thankful for.
1.) I woke up this morning with the use of all of my faculties. For that, I am thankful to God.
2.) My baby girl, JaLisa. She means so much to me and I am thankful for this time she’s been here with me. Gonna miss her like crazy when she goes home.
3.) My Durango. She was out of commission for a minute but she’s back and running strong.
4.) Friends who understand that I still love them, even if we don’t speak to one another for a while.
5.) My Nook e-reader. It wasn’t something I thought to buy for myself but I am thankful I have it. I read so much more now (thanks Tomi!)
6.) My brand new washer & dryer. Gone are the days of washing at the laundry mat and drying at home.
7.) Warm PJs. With all this snow & ice, I am glad to be able to come home and get all snuggled in fleece.
8.) Work – I am very thankful to be employed in this time of economic hardship. Loving what I do is an added bonus.
9.) Music – it helps keep me sane. I incorporate music into every aspect of my life.
10.) Life!

Just me being me.