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Weighing In

I half-assed it all week. For the last few weeks to be honest. Surprisingly, I lost 4.6lbs from when I weighed in 2wks ago. For me, it was motivation. I’m super competitive, especially with myself, so I took it as a challenge to see how well I do if I give 100% to the program.


I’m getting to where I need to be mentally. Its slow but sure.

Weighing In…

If you follow the program 100% then you will get 100% results.
If you follow the program 90% then you will get 0% results.

That, in a nutshell, is the reality of Ideal Protein. In being honest, I have been living under the 90% shadow for a few months now. I haven’t gone off off the program but I hadn’t been eating my veggies the way I should or drinking my water or even eating all of the protein that I should. I understand that this is the reason I have had lackluster results if any results at all.
This weeks weigh-in should go much better because Tomi and I both committed to 100% this week; taking supplements, proper protein and veggie consumption and soooooo much water.