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10 Random JaVonna Facts

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My Hair: The Ultimate Accessory


I was motivated to write this based on an experience the I had the other day. I was at the store grabbing a beverage and I saw a woman who I had seen from time to time. We were ‘Hi! How are you?’ Friends at most. It had been a little while since we’d seen one another and our conversation went like this…

Lady: Hey there! I haven’t seen you in a while.
Me: it has been a minute.
Lady: I see you changed your hair. You decided to go blonde? *side eye*
Me: I’ve probably had every color in the spectrum but I always come back to blonde. It’s my favorite.
Lady: I’m not sure I like it.
Me: To each, his own.
Lady: You should’ve gone brown or even black.
Me: hmmmm…perhaps you should pick one of those colors when you get your hair done. I will continue to do me.


There is a song by India Arie that says “I am not my hair, I am not this skin, I am the soul that lives within”. I love and live by this ideology. I am not defined by my physical attributes, things that I was given by God; nature. In the game of life, my skin, hair, eyes, body shape are all just part of the uniform that I was issued.
Unfortunately, people don’t mind giving you their opinion about the way you wear your ‘uniform’; the clothing you choose, how you style your hair and even how you should feel about your skin. I find that as a black woman, I am judged most harshly by other black women. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard ‘She would be pretty is she wasn’t so dark’ or ‘Why don’t you straighten your hair? It would be much prettier if it was straight’.
I choose to shake it off when people have something to say a out how I present myself to the world, especially as it pertains to my hair. I choose to see my hair as an accessory. I color it, cut it, fluff it, spike it and use it to accentuate my look. I recently cut it and bleached it and I have never felt sexier.
My motto for life…love me for who I am or leave me alone.


10 Random Facts About Me

Since I am wide awake at 3am, I thought it would be a great time to share a bit of myself with the world.
1. I stopped growing at the age of 12; I am 6ft tall.

2. I had my daughter when I was 14 years old; she turned 21 on January 23rd. I took her for her first bar drink.

3. I auditioned for Star Search when I was in high school. I sang Vision Of Love by Mariah Carey.

4. I have two favorite movies: Imitation Of Life & Funny Valentines.

5. I once lost my voice for an entire year. Not being able to sing was torture.

6. When I was a little girl, I use to dream of taking over my dad’s boxing gym when he retired. I still consider it.

7. I have more than 50 pairs of earrings. I love accessories!

8. I plan to have a drag queen in my wedding.

9. I plan to own a bed & breakfast some day.

10. I love collecting frog & turtle knick-knackery.

Well, there you have it. The randomness that is JaVonna. Drink it in!


25 Random Things About Me

As usual I can’t get to sleep so I decided to blog…about me. You are about to learn 25 things you thought you wanted to know about me. I hope I still have a friend or two after this.

1. I love broccoli and I would eat it everyday if Tomi would let me.
2. I have never seen any of the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies.
3. I want to have another baby.
4. Never Ending Story is one of my favorite movies.
5. I watch Nick Jr. everyday and I know the theme songs for all the shows.
6. I am friends on facebook with someone that I have known since kindergarten.
7. I have been to 13 funerals in my life.
8. I am an ex-smoker and an ex-wife.
9. I LOVE online shopping.
10. Every day I take a total of 18 pills (prescription & over-the-counter), two inhalers and a nasal spray.
11. I have had my drivers’ license for 12 years.
12. I love taking pictures.
13. I am a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. Go to my page and register http://www.marykay.com/JaVonnaThomas. While you’re there, take advantage of the virtual make-over tool.
13. I practice my handwriting.
14. My first car was a 1979 Chevy Malibu station wagon.
15. J. California Cooper is my favorite author.
16. We’re moving in June and I plan to paint every room in my house a different color.
17. I pluck my eyebrows and other parts of my face everyday.
18. I do not like iced coffee but I love iced tea.
19. I love making lists.
20. I love to write letters. I mean actual pen-to-paper, envelope and stamp letters. Sometimes its nice to get something in the mail besides bills.
21. Twice I have faced the reality that I might not get to bring my baby home from the hospital. Thank God that He saw fit to let her live both times.
22. I read my bible everyday.
23. When I am stressed, angry, sad, anxious or whatever other emotion that isn’t pleasant, I rearrange my furniture. Sorting out my space helps me sort out my thoughts.
24. My parents are like super heroes to me.
25. I love word games and puzzles.

Just being me!