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Weighing In: Two Days Post-Surgery

July 20, 2016…Pre-Surgery Education

Myself and another young lady scheduled to have surgery on the same day as I, spent the day with the surgery assistant and the surgeon going over every aspect of the surgery. We talked about meds, supplements, exercise, risks…EVERYTHING!! My surgeon, Dr. Earl Fox, M.D., is amazing.

July 21, 2016

I started my liquid diet in prep for my surgerday tworeceived_10210293210235098

My body felt like it was shutting down. The purging of sugar and caffeine was physically painful for the first few days. I had to call out of work on day two because I couldn’t be away from the bathroom. I know that’s TMI but just keeping it real. After that, I felt amazing and I lost about 25lbs during my liquid diet. This is the diet I will follow for the first month after surgery.

July 29th, 2016…SURGERY DAY!!!

Tomi got home from work at 5am and got me up and moving. I got my CPAP machine together (I had to take it with me) and then I weighed myself…464.4lbs. I dressed and then we were out the door. Once we got to the hospital, things went pretty quickly. Checked in, gowned up, met with anesthesia, met with surgeon and then on our way to the operating room. Next thing I know, I was waking up drinking water and trying to shake off the anesthesia.


I think the hardest part has been all the new meds on top of my others. Having to give myself injections (blood thinner) in my tummy everyday is a bit intimidating. I only have to do it for 10 days though. I’ve noted that I’m mostly sore but there has been some pain. I’ve slept a lot but otherwise, nothing too exciting.

I’ll see you all for next week’s weigh in.