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The 52 Lists Project: List 4

This week was really fun for me because I got to talk about music; one of my favorite subjects.


Oh boy!! Anyone that knows me knows that for me, this list could go on forever. I LOVE MUSIC!! Lots of different kinds of music. And I really LOVE a good love song. I ended up with two lists but I consolidated and came up with 30 songs that I have been listening to a lot lately.

  1. Breathe-Lalah Hathaway
  2. It’s My Time-Kelly Price
  3. Loved On Me-Fred Hammond
  4. Song Of Strength-Fred Hammond
  5. Electric Lady-Janelle Monae
  6. Alright-Ledisi
  7. I’m Prettier-Jill Scott
  8. Far Away-Kindred The Family Soul
  9. Prepared-Jill Scott
  10. Breathe-The Floacist
  11. Lettin Go!-Janelle Monae
  12. Give Me A Clean Heart-Fred Hammond
  13. Smile-Kirk Franklin
  14. New Day-Alicia Keys
  15. Get Me Bodied-Beyonce
  16. I Choose You-Sara Bareilles
  17. You Were Meant For Me-Lalah Hathaway
  18. I Blame You-Ledisi
  19. Leave-Tyrese
  20. Picture Perfect-Tyrese
  21. Hearsay-Calvin Richardson
  22. Yearnin’-Gap Band
  23. You’re So Amazing-Calvin Richardson
  24. The Way I Am-Ingrid Michaelson
  25. Brown Skin-India.Arie
  26. I Deserve It-Faith Evans
  27. Take Off The Blues-The Foreign Exchange
  28. I Like It-Sevyn Streeter
  29. Special Delivery-Bridget Kelly
  30. You & I-Avant (feat. Keke Wyatt)

TAKE ACTION: Make a playlist of these songs as a memento of the person that you are at this very moment. Revisit this list in the summertime and again in the winter to see if the songs that feel like you change with the seasons.


10 Things I Loved About 2013

I started the feature “10 Things I’m Loving Right Now” when I first started blogging. The idea was to do the feature once a month on the last day of the month to remind myself that no matter how bad things seem I had at least 10 things to be thankful for; by the end of the year 100+ things (in case I miss a month or two). Well life happened and I kind of fell off but I am recommitting to it for the year 2014.
2013 has definitely been full of ups and downs for my family and I but I’m thankful to have made it through to the end and if God allows it, I will wake up in a new year. I thought it would be fitting to end this year with 10 things that I loved about 2013 so here we go…
10.) I am employed and I love my job and my coworkers; most of the time.

9.) I am blessed to have a roof over my head, a car to drive and money in the bank to pay my bills.

8.) I have wonderful and supportive friends and family; and friends that are like family.

7.) Music, poetry, crafting.

6.) I read a lot of good books

5.) Struggles-they help to remind me of my blessings

4.) Being mom to 5 wonderful children.

3.) Having both my parents; living and healthy.

2.) Tomi as my wife; legally.

1.) God has allowed me to see another year. Goodbye 2013!

10 Things I Am Loving Right Now

I have had a lot going on lately; some good things and some not so good. I always try to find the silver lining so I thought now would be a great time for a list of things I am thankful for.
1.) I woke up this morning with the use of all of my faculties. For that, I am thankful to God.
2.) My baby girl, JaLisa. She means so much to me and I am thankful for this time she’s been here with me. Gonna miss her like crazy when she goes home.
3.) My Durango. She was out of commission for a minute but she’s back and running strong.
4.) Friends who understand that I still love them, even if we don’t speak to one another for a while.
5.) My Nook e-reader. It wasn’t something I thought to buy for myself but I am thankful I have it. I read so much more now (thanks Tomi!)
6.) My brand new washer & dryer. Gone are the days of washing at the laundry mat and drying at home.
7.) Warm PJs. With all this snow & ice, I am glad to be able to come home and get all snuggled in fleece.
8.) Work – I am very thankful to be employed in this time of economic hardship. Loving what I do is an added bonus.
9.) Music – it helps keep me sane. I incorporate music into every aspect of my life.
10.) Life!

Just me being me.

10 Things I Am Loving Right Now

So, my intention this year was/ is to be more consistent with my lists. Every month on the last day of the month (or somewhere in that time) I plan to create a list. Just a reminder to myself and hopefully to others that there is always something to be thankful for. Here we go!

January’s List
1.) God
2.) Tomi~My partner, my lover and my very best friend. She is truly the mate to my soul.
3.) Shopping~Online, the mall, boutiques, catalogs…you name it, I’ll shop it.
4.) My Job~Thankful to have one…wait, I mean two. I recently became a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.
5.) My living space~working slowly but surely to make our house into a home.
6.) Memories~My Grandmother passed away 6 years ago this month. I miss her everyday and I am thankful to have good memories of her.
7.) My Blackberry!~While I don’t doubt the fact that the iPhone is amazing, my Blackberry is quite the technological wonder. LOL!
8.) Centric~Any channel where I can watch reruns of A-Team, In Living Color, The Cosby Show and Soul Train all in one day is alright with me.
9.) My newly adopted vegetarianism (not to be confused with vagitarianism which is something different altogether;o) Anyway, its only been 10 days but its been a fairly easy transition. I feel better.
10.) LIFE!~Thankful for everyday that God allows me to see. No matter what is going on, good or bad, I am thankful for the life I have been given.
Stay tuned for the next episode…

Just Me, JaVonna