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I’m down another 5lbs this week. Yes! I’m feeling really good. I promised to be transparent when it came to my weight loss journey. I recently purchased a dress to wear to my wife’s company Christmas party.
I got a size 28 and it is big on me. Except where the ‘girls’ and the badonkadonk are concerned. I’ve always been…blessed in those areas. The last dress I bought, which was my wedding dress was a size 32.

I am feeling very proud of how far I’ve come and looking forward to more success in the future.


Weighing In

I am down another -3lbs. YES!! As of yesterday, I am down -59lbs and -22in total. Apparently, I was 10lbs heavier than I thought I was when I started. -59lbs! If it wasn’t happening, I wouldn’t believe it.
By next week, Tomi should have reached her weight loss goal and will start phasing off the program. She said she’s worried about me being by myself on the program. I told her that losing all this weight feels better than any food could taste so I’m not worried about sliding into my old, unhealthy habits.
I am looking forward to traveling next year. Shedding these extra pounds will help make things a lot more comfortable.

Weighing In

Sheesh! It has been a minute since I reported on my weigh loss journey. Life happened!
When I started this journey, I was 449lbs. At my last weigh-in, for the first time in at least 7yrs, I was under 400lbs. I was 399lbs! I know that is still a big number and I am still quite a way from my goal weight of 250lbs but I am on my way.
I’m so happy!

Hodgepodge: Roundup Of My Last 6 Days

We’ll start with my Ideal Protein weigh-in from last Tuesday. Though I had what I thought was a bad week, I managed to lose .8lbs. and I gained an inch. While I didn’t do as well as I would have liked, I was not completely disappointed.
Last week was the week of our county fair.
For the sake of avoiding the temptation of fair food, we didn’t attend the fair but we did go to one of the concerts. We saw Montgomery Gentry with special guest John Michael Montgomery. IT WAS AWESOME! (I am a fan of country music in case you haven’t guessed it by now.) we had reserved seating, centered to the the stage about 12 rows back. They were on stage for more than 3hrs!
John Michael Montgomery




Montgomery Gentry




Did I already say IT WAS AWESOME!
I also got to see my Jaydie Bug this weekend.



Then, Sunday at midnight, I started a Facebook Time-Out with a few of my friends. It’s the beginning of day two and so far so good. I will keep you posted.


Weekly Weigh-in

Saturday Aug 9th-at my 20yr reunion

We had a baaaaad week. I gained 7lbs and Tomi gained 5lbs. We didn’t do the work and the scale shows it. Next week may be just as bad because I have had a pretty undisciplined week while hanging with one of our grandbabies.
I’ve gotta get it together! I have a goal to be done with Ideal Protein by my next birthday. That gives me 10 months.

Weekly Weigh-In

Tomi and I had a good week. I lost 5.6lbs. I am just 10lbs away from my first goal of losing 50lbs. I didn’t lose any inches this week and actually gained an inch in my bust.
Tomi lost 4,6lbs and 2in. She will hit her 2nd goal by next week. It’s crazy how much of our wardrobe we are getting rid of due to losing all these pounds.

We were noting how much smaller our faces are since we’ve lost weight. I am feeling good about our progress.

Weekly Weigh-in

This week was AWESOME for Tomi and I. I lost 12lbs & 7in. Tomi lost 7lbs and 2in.


Our first weigh-in after vacation, I had gained 3lbs and Tomi had gained 5lbs so it felt good to have such high loss numbers.
I am 17lbs away from my first goal which is to lose 50lbs. I plan to meet that by the end of the month.
Feeling great at 38!