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Weekly Weigh-in

This week was AWESOME for Tomi and I. I lost 12lbs & 7in. Tomi lost 7lbs and 2in.


Our first weigh-in after vacation, I had gained 3lbs and Tomi had gained 5lbs so it felt good to have such high loss numbers.
I am 17lbs away from my first goal which is to lose 50lbs. I plan to meet that by the end of the month.
Feeling great at 38!

Weekly Weigh-in (Pre-NOLA Edition)

As we prepare for our trip to New Orleans, we have discussed how we will incorporate Ideal Protein into our trip. We’ve also discussed how far off the plan we are willing to go. I think we will be able to make it through without any problems.
At this week’s weigh-in,  Tomi lost 1.8lbs and reached her short term goal. She also lost another 2.5 total inches.
I gained 2.9lbs but lost 1.75 total inches. I am really happy about our progress thus far.