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That Lady Is My Baby!

The birthday princess!

Yesterday, at exactly 12:05am, my baby girl (JaLisa) turned 21. I am so glad that she stayed in town to celebrate HER day with me. We started the day with Redbull smoothies. We went to a couple of appointments and did some running around and then we came back home to rest up for the night’s festivities.
We didn’t have anything planned; just a nice dinner out with a couple of friends and some beverages. We went to Kimo’s Sports Bar because they have a microbrewery and JaLisa wanted to try some beers (although she ended up not having one). I made her a fancy birthday hat which she wore proudly. She ate chicken nachos and pizza and drank and laughed A LOT.
We sang happy birthday over a Chocolate Cake shot and she also enjoyed a few other cocktails (i think there were 5 total). She was ‘feeling herself’ and after opening her presents, we spent the rest of the.evening talking and laughing. We ended our night by coming home and watching the season finale of Love & Hip Hop and then, it was off to bed.
The best part of January 23rd, 2012 besides spending it with my daughter is the fact that she spent the whole day saying “This is the best day of my life!”. She will have other great days but I am so glad that I was able to be there for THIS great day.

Just me being me.

IV Therapy…WOW!


Last week, I ended up in the ER for asthma exacerbation and they did some labs while I was there. I got a call from my primary doctor the following day requesting I go in to the lab for an iron study. When I went in for my follow-up appointment, my doctor explained that I had severely low iron and she was ordering a 5-day course of iv iron infusion.
I go in for my first appointment which was supposed to take 3 hours from start to finish; I ended up being there for almost 6 hours. They couldn’t find a good vein to use for the iv so after three people tried 10 times to start a line (yes, I was poked at least 10x), the anesthesiologist (Dr. Underhill=Rock Star) decided to put in a subclavicular, central venous line so off to the operating room I went. Once the line was placed, which was a bit unpleasant, I had to wait for xray to come to make sure that the line was properly placed.
Finally, I got the meds started and took a nap while my trusty sidekick JaLisa sat reading or doing a crossword or whatever. I had originally intended to go by myself but I am glad she talked me into letting her go with me. Since things ended up being more involved than anticipated, it was nice to have a familiar face to look at. Plus, it would have been a little awkward having a stranger help me put my clothes back on.
A special shout to everyone in the Kennewick General Hospital (KGH) Short-Stay Unit, Operating Room & Anesthesia staff. You all were quite awesome today and I appreciate how great everyone was to my daughter & I.

Just me being me.

This Christmas

Every Christmas is special in my opinion. For the most part, it brings out the best in people. People are a little kinder to their fellow-man and have a tendency to step outside of themselves and try to do for others more at this time of year than any other time.  I get an opportunity to see and hear from family that I often don’t get to see or hear from at any other time during the year which is nice. It’s an opportunity to meet the new babies, spouse and significant others of your friends and family members and to attend the countless holiday parties that have filled up your calendar.

Yes, I would say that Christmas is a pretty special time of year most of the time but for me, this Christmas will be the one that I remember for years to come. This year, I will wake up on Christmas morning, I will get to wake up and see the best gift I have ever gotten…my daughter. I always see her and talk to her during the holiday season but I have not had the joy of spending Christmas day with my daughter in seven years. She and I both pretty excited about the whole thing. We don’t really do anything special for Christmas but it will be nice to include her in our traditions…going to watch the lights as they pulse to Manheim Steamroller at Senske, driving around looking at different houses all done up for Christmas, hot beverages and Christmas music while ‘decking the halls’ and then Christmas morning breakfast followed by opening presents.

Usually at this time of year, we are stressing about whether there is too much snow in the mountain pass to make it over to see the family but this year, I will be just fine if we are snowed in. I am very thankful for this opportunity to make some memories that we will both have for a lifetime.

Mother’s Day 2011

Four years ago, we started a tradition of an annual Mother’s Day brunch. We picked the LaQuinta Inn-Tacoma because it was close to my mom and they have a great brunch. The first two years there was five of us: My mom, Tomi, Megan, JaLisa & myself. There were lots of laughs and fun times. The third year it was just my mom, Tomi & I. That was a lot of fun because we went to the Silver Fork in Seattle; amazing soul food. This year, Mother’s Day & Jayden’s 4th birthday fell on the same day and we were back at the LaQuinta. Jayden went with us to brunch this year and added a whole new dynamic of fun.
She was very accepting of the concept that it was her birthday but we couldn’t convince her that she was 4. Her understanding was that she didn’t officially turn 4 until she opened presents at her birthday party scheduled for later that day.
She was fascinated with the brunch/ buffet concept. “JaVonna, what do I get to eat?”, she asked me. “Anything you want as long as you eat it and don’t waste.” I told her. To which she replied “I am gonna eat a lot!”. We all ate a lot and it was good.
Our tradition after eating is to take pics of everyone so I picked my favorite to share. There was lots of love shared that day. Who knows what combination of us will be there next year? I am excited by the possibilities.

Just being me!