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Weekly Weigh-in

Saturday Aug 9th-at my 20yr reunion

We had a baaaaad week. I gained 7lbs and Tomi gained 5lbs. We didn’t do the work and the scale shows it. Next week may be just as bad because I have had a pretty undisciplined week while hanging with one of our grandbabies.
I’ve gotta get it together! I have a goal to be done with Ideal Protein by my next birthday. That gives me 10 months.

Cheaters Never Lose…Weight.

This is the face of a cheater!
This is the face of a cheater!

This weekend was my first “test” and I failed. I was in a situation where I couldn’t have any of my Ideal Protein foods or healthy veggies to snack on so I did what you are never supposed to do; I just didn’t eat. And then when I did eat, I did not make the best choices. I felt soooooo guilty!
This is also my first “time-of-the-month” since I have been on the program and the cravings I usually have (sweet & salty) but I have been able to control myself and not going on a snacking bender.
I have been so proud of myself with staying on program. I did not like the feeling that came with being a “cheater” and I definitely don’t like the 2lbs. that I gained as a result. I am back on the wagon and I have learned from my mistakes. I am definitely going to have to do some better planning when we travel to make sure that I don’t have another cheating episode.