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I’m Hanging In There…

After my first week back on Weight Watchers, I fell off. I got a bit freaked out by my level of success if you can believe that. I didn’t start eating all crazy or anything, I just fell off on my tracking and working out. I gained a pound the next week. Then, I got sick which caused me to stop working out at all. Then, I fell off on good habits like eating breakfast everyday and planning healthy snacks and lunches. I gained 4lbs that week.
I joined the Stuffing Smackdown Challenge at work. It’s a.challenge that is supposed to discourage overeating during the holiday season. You weigh in each week and are entered into a drawing each week that you maintain or lose weight. After the first week, I was down 2lbs. This caused me to get a bit over-confident…the next week, I gained 5lbs. I freaked out a bit. I came home, ate my feelings and then got over it. This was my first week back to following my Weight Watchers plan properly. I am down 7.8lbs this week!
I’m going to keep on keeping on. I am just 10lbs away from my first weigh loss goal which is 5% of my starting weight. My reward for my first goal will be a 60-minute deep tissue massage. Plus, for every pound I lose, a dollar goes into my ‘New Wardrobe Fund’ for replacing clothing items as I lose weight.

Beginning Again

So, I recently started Weight Watchers (WW) again. Actually, I just changed my plan. Up until now, I had just done WW online. I recently decided that I would change my plan to include going to meetings. Today was my first meeting and I am glad that I went. Everyone was really nice and did a great job of explaining the process. I got my materials & got weighed in. It was nice to meet people and hear the different stories about their weight loss journey.
The meeting itself was brief & informative. You can participate on whatever level you want and everyone was very welcoming. I am looking forward to next week and feeling more confident about my WW program. It will be nice to have the added support and accountability. I am looking forward to earning my first -5lb star sticker. I am looking forward to celebrating every peak and valley on my journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Just being me!