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It’s Official: The Weight Is Over!!

I know! I know! I’m so punny! LOL!!

Seriously though, I could not be more excited to share with you. We were on vacation in California last week. Friday morning, I missed a call from my surgeons office. I checked my voicemail and called right back thinking there was yet another hang up. The insurance coordinator said “We got you approved for your surgery. I can give you some dates for your pre-surgery and surgery to consider”. I dropped the phone. I picked it back up really quickly and grabbed  my calendar. She said “You can call me back if you need to check the dates and coordinate with your work schedule”. I assured her that would not be necessary and that I am not waiting any longer than I have to.

So, here it is…I have pre-surgery education that lasts all day on 7/20 and then my surgery is scheduled for 7/29. LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY!!! I am excited and nervous but most importantly, I’m ready.

Don’t worry, I wouldn’t bring you along to this point in the journey and just leave you hanging. I will make sure to keep you all updated every step of the way up to the surgery and post-surgery.

I’m so happy and excited that I could burst!!!


This is MY 40!!!

I really am happy in this pic. I was at the spray park with the grandbaby and it was HOT!!

Yesterday, I entered my 40th year. Is my life 100% what I want it to be. Absolutely not! Am I happy, healthy and working my plan to get to where I want to be. ABSOLUTELY!!

All of our children and grandchildren are alive and healthy and living their best lives. I have a wife who loves and appreciates me for everything that I am and accepts me in spite of everything that I am not. My heart is full of joy and I am just happy being me.

For me, 40 means seeing some goals through to completion, somr lifestyle changes as I move closer to my surgery date and continuing to put my best self out to the world each and every day.

I thank God for another year where I can use everyday to let my light shine.

The 52 Lists Project: List 7


There really are too many to name but I will give a few…

  1. Tomi
  2. My Parents
  3. My Children
  4. My grandchildren
  5. My Siblings
  6. My nieces and nephews
  7. My church family
  8. My friends

TAKE ACTION: Write a sweet note to or do something thoughtful for one or some of these people who make your life easier, lighter and happier.

The 52 Lists Project: List 3

I am so behind on my blogging!! There’s been a lot going on with work because my work mate was out for almost two weeks which doubled my work load. So lately, after sitting in front of one for 12+hrs for work, when I get home the last thing I want to do is look at a computer screen. Anyway, she’s back so hopefully my days can get back to some sense of MY normal.

Okay…this week’s list.


1.) The day I gave birth to my daughter. I was excited to get to spend her 25th birthday with her. I picked her up in the morning and we made a day of it. We had breakfast and then just spent the day hanging out and catching up.

JaLisa & Mom

2.) The day I met Tomi

3.) My wedding day!!!


4.) The day we found out my mom was in remission. Cancer sucks!!

5.) The first time that my dad let me sing the national anthem (The Star-Spangled Banner) at the Tacoma Golden Gloves. I have been doing it for about 15yrs now.

6.) At age 15, my daughter was in a horrible car accident. She was in a coma for two weeks. When she woke up, that was one of the happiest moments of my life.

7.) Tomi and and the kids taking me to Disneyland for Christmas (2007)

8.) Our honeymoon in to Hawaii


9.) The birthday trips we took to Vegas (2007) and New Orleans (2014).

10.) Seeing Lalah Hathaway, my absolute favorite singer, 2x in concert.

11.) The day JaLisa graduated from high school.

12.) The day of my 20yr high school reunion when I got to see so many of my good friends.

TAKE ACTION: Sometimes it’s easy to forget all the wonderful things that have happened in our lives. Come back to this list every day this week to remember you live a beautiful life.



Happy Anniversary: The 21st Night of September

September by Earth, Wind & Fire is a great song. Who knew that this song, written and released before I was born, would become the anthem of my love and a theme song for one of my happiest days?
Twelve years ago, on this day, I met the woman who would become the love of my life. We have been together since that day. Tomi & I are like opposite sides of the same coin and we couldn’t be more perfect for one another. Three years ago, I started planning a commitment ceremony for us. During that year, my state pulled their heads out of their ass and made same-sex marriage legal, and our commitment ceremony planning became wedding planning. On this day, two years ago (10yrs after the day we met), I got to marry my best friend. It was an amazing day of celebration shared with our family and friends. I would do it all exactly the same every year if I could. So, in celebration of our anniversary, I will share the lyrics to a great song and pictures from my wedding. Because… LOVE!

September – Earth, Wind & Fire

Do you remember the 21st night of September?


Love was changing the minds of pretenders


While chasing the clouds away

Our hearts were ringing


In the key that our souls were singing.


As we danced in the night,


Remember how the stars stole the night away

Ba de ya, say do you remember
Ba de ya, dancing in September


Ba de ya, never was a cloudy day

Ba de ya de ya de ya
Ba de ya de ya de ya
Ba de ya de ya de ya de ya

My thoughts are with you
Holding hands with your heart to see you


Only blue talk and love,
Remember how we knew love was here to stay

Now December found the love that we shared in September.
Only blue talk and love,
Remember the true love we share today


Ba de ya, say do you remember
Ba de ya, dancing in September


Ba de ya, never was a cloudy day

Ba de ya, say do you remember
Ba de ya, dancing in September


Ba de ya, golden dreams were shinny days

Love bells was ringing
Our souls were singing
Do you remember, never a cloudy day

Adventure Time: Explore Washington

My Labor Day weekend started a bit early; last Thursday, Sept. 3rd.
Tomi chanced upon tickets to see the Seahawk vs Raiders preseason game at CenturyLink Stadium (Seattle, WA). Neither one of them is our team (Geaux Saints! WHO DAT?!?!?) but neither of us has ever been to an NFL game so…why not?! We both left work early and after changing clothes, we hit the road for Seattle.
It was a 4hr drive that was well worth it. The atmosphere inside the stadium was electric. It’s amazing to see, in person, how far a fan will go to show love for their team. There was face and body paint, signs, flags and so much fan gear. We had amazing seats and it was a good game. Definitely, an adventure to remember.




We spent the night in Seattle and then drove home in the morning. Because I am a member of every hotel ‘frequent flyer’ club, we stayed at a $250/ night hotel for $35. WINNING!
We chilled around the house and rested Friday evening because we were worn out from the drive. Saturday was more of the same though we did go to the movies. We saw Shawn The Sheep. It wasn’t the funny we were looking for but it was a cute movie.
Sunday, we got up and my honey says get dressed; something warm and comfy with tennis shoes. She’s very spontaneous and I’m always up for an adventure so I get in the car and we headed to Mount St. Helens. It was not the warmest or clearest day but it was still beautiful.

Obligatory monument selfe

I took a ton of pictures but my absolute favorite is this one…

Look. At. God.