Just Another Day In The Life

Hi! Its me, JaVonna. I blog about me and the things that interest and concern me. My blog is a lot like me; kind of all over the place. It seems to lack focus and appears a bit disjointed but then comes together in a beautiful mess. Its at that point that I choose to share because I’m just crazy enough to believe that you’ll be interested.
I am a fabulously fluffed, black, lesbian, wife, mother and pescetarian. I LOVE to sing and am pretty good at it from what I hear. I also enjoy writing, scrapbooking, cooking and pretty much anything that allows me to express my creativity. Up until now, I have always lived my life in the background and on the periphery but now, I am ready to spend a little more time in the spotlight. The ball is in your court now…love me or leave me alone!

4 thoughts on “Just Another Day In The Life

  1. Big Girl in a Small World?
    I am envious…because:
    Good Things come in Big Packages!
    You can put that phrase, where it currently says,
    Just another wordpress.com site…
    Just go to Settings and then look for the box that says Tagline,
    and type it inside, then save!

    You are awesome and your new blog is awesome!
    Keep up the super-job!
    You DO have fans!


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