Weighing-In: Life & Weight Loss

It has been so long since I’ve blogged that I had a hard time deciding where to begin. Life has been happening all around me and I have just been rolling with the punches. I made the decision that I am going to live more deliberately as it pertains to every aspect of my life and that includes writing.

I went to a book signing recently and got to meet one of my favorite writers, Patricia Briggs. One of the things that she said was that if you want to be a writer, in her opinion, it is most prudent to write everyday. That way, you don’t have to work so hard to remember where you were when you left off. It is more beneficial to sit down with the goal of writing 5 pages a day then to block out large blocks of time. I am going to work really hard to incorporate that into my life. That being said, please be patient with me as I have quite a bit of catch up to do.

Patricia Briggs
Fan for life!!

Alright, first things first, lets talk weight! I have not lost any. I have a pretty good grasp on the healthy eating thing. I know what I ‘should’ be eating and most of the time, I do that. There are definitely times when I splurge on calories which I’ve got to get under control. That won’t be an option without physical damage post surgery and nobody wants that.

My major issue has been with incorporating exercise. I weigh almost 500 lbs; I feel fat and uncomfortable in general. Incorporating any type of aerobic exercise has proven painful. I can’t even make it through a quick jaunt to the grocery store for a few items after work without severe back and leg pain and having to take a sit break before heading out to the car.

Well, in doing some research, I have found my exercise!! I am joining a gym that is just down the road from my job and they offer water aerobics or Aqua Cardio, as they call it. I have my first class tomorrow. I’ve done water aerobics before and at this point, it is really my only options to get any type of exercise. My joints ache non-stop, my back pain is off the charts and I am always puffy and swollen. I love being in the water and I am looking forward to trying to get ‘better’ as I head toward surgery.

I have my 4th month of appointments on this coming Friday. We are about 60 days out from setting a surgery date. I have had most of my pre-surgery testing which included an EKG, Echocardiogram, Upper Gastrointestinal exam, abdominal xray, and pulmonary function test. I’ve still got to have a chest xray and an extensive lab panel. I have an appointment with my Pulmonology  /Sleep Specialist next month to make sure that my CPAP machine is in good working order. I’m feeling ready!!



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