When It’s Time To Change…

Anyone who has followed my weight loss adventure knows that I’ve been on the Ideal Protein program. Well, it works and worked for me and for Tomi but I’ve reached a point where I need a more permanent solution. When I went to my last Ideal Protein weigh-in appointment, I saw a sign that scared me to death and that’s when I made the decision.

The sign that changed my direction in my weight loss journey

My plan is to have Lap Band surgery. I’ve gone to an informational seminar and have an appointment with the surgeon, Dr. Fox, for my history and physical at the end of January. It will be 6 months before I have the surgery. I have to jump through hoops for the insurance company; 6 consecutive monthly appointments with my primary care physician and a medical nutritionist. My first set of appointments is today!
I am ready for this. I’m looking forward to learning how to eat again; portion control most importantly. I’m looking forward to working out, getting fit and feeling better. The Lap Band is not a solution. It is merely a tool that I will use to help me get to where I want to be.
I’m going to blog and journal the entire process so here we go. Stay tuned…

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