Adventure Time: Explore Washington

My Labor Day weekend started a bit early; last Thursday, Sept. 3rd.
Tomi chanced upon tickets to see the Seahawk vs Raiders preseason game at CenturyLink Stadium (Seattle, WA). Neither one of them is our team (Geaux Saints! WHO DAT?!?!?) but neither of us has ever been to an NFL game so…why not?! We both left work early and after changing clothes, we hit the road for Seattle.
It was a 4hr drive that was well worth it. The atmosphere inside the stadium was electric. It’s amazing to see, in person, how far a fan will go to show love for their team. There was face and body paint, signs, flags and so much fan gear. We had amazing seats and it was a good game. Definitely, an adventure to remember.




We spent the night in Seattle and then drove home in the morning. Because I am a member of every hotel ‘frequent flyer’ club, we stayed at a $250/ night hotel for $35. WINNING!
We chilled around the house and rested Friday evening because we were worn out from the drive. Saturday was more of the same though we did go to the movies. We saw Shawn The Sheep. It wasn’t the funny we were looking for but it was a cute movie.
Sunday, we got up and my honey says get dressed; something warm and comfy with tennis shoes. She’s very spontaneous and I’m always up for an adventure so I get in the car and we headed to Mount St. Helens. It was not the warmest or clearest day but it was still beautiful.

Obligatory monument selfe

I took a ton of pictures but my absolute favorite is this one…

Look. At. God.

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