Weekend Adventures

My wife is very spontaneous which I love. Me? Not so much. Leave it up to me, I am going to plan every aspect of my day down to the minute. When we’re bored at home, she will say “Put some shoes on. Come go with me.” Though it goes against my nature, I trust her completely so I go without question. The result is usually a pretty grand adventure. I have a whole Facebook photo album devoted to our adventures and the things we come across.
Today, we set off on a drive looking for the Pasco Outdoor Swap Meet and ended up lost. We rode and talked and took in the scenery and next thing you know, we’re in Waitsburg.
We travel here on purpose at least once a year to go to the Whoopemup Hollow Cafe. Seriously, some of the best food in the area. After some Main Street foolery…we stopped in for lunch.

Waitsburg-the board game.
Looks a bit like Jumanji

This is one of the only places I’ve ever gone where every dish is seasoned to perfection.
I had a warm, asparagus bisque to start with.

I had to fight to keep my manners in tact while shoveling this in.

Tomi and I shared a crawfish pie. It was a crisp-crusted flatbread that was an amazing marriage of flavors.

I didn't want this to end. The flavors were heavenly!

For my lunch, I had goat cheese stuffed ravioli in a sweet potato sauce with collard greens. What?!


I paired my meal with a local (Seattle) Scotch style ale called the Pike Kilt Lifter.


For dessert, we had a mini, New York style cheesecake with strawberry-champagne sorbet and a strawberry compote.


What a delicious meal! Definitely not part of my regular eating plan but I love a good (occasional) cheat day.
The food was fantastic but the best part of the day was, of course, the company.

My adventure buddy

For those that are curious, Tomi had an Oyster Po’boy with cajun-seasoned, yellow, sweet potato wedges. Yum!

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