Bring On The Babies

I became a mommy to another fur baby this past weekend.
Meet Rocki!


I will give you a moment to take in all of this cuteness. It can be a lot all at once.

#puppylove Look at that face!

She’s a bit younger than we thought (6wks) and wakes up every couple hours like A baby which is a lot for us. She is a sweet and very spirited little thing.
My big girl, Hayley (6yr old Shih Tzu) is not a huge fan.


She doesn’t try to hurt her, she just avoids her like the plague. It probably doesn’t help that Rocki tried to nurse on Hayley her first night here. LOL!
She has figured out that the puppy can’t climb so she heads for higher ground whenever we put the puppy on the floor.
I’m sure it will get better once the puppy is older and annoying.
In the meantime, here is more cuteness.



She plays really hard for about 15 minutes and then knocks out for a couple of hours. Totally adorable!

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