Weighing In

Last weeks weigh-in was great; I lost 11.2lbs! It was hard for sure. It was my cycle week and I was having some serious sweet cravings but I stayed the course.


This week may not be as good. My eating was thrown off and so I am sure the scale will show a gain tomorrow. I am fine with it though because I know my body needed the extra nutrients to help heal. I had a TIA and ended up in the hospital. It turns out from my MRI that i have a non-specific narrowing of the arteries in the back of my brain which caused the episode. Though it seems it was an isolated incident and there is no blockage, the doctor placed me on an daily aspirin regimen.
I am on the mend so the coming week should be good. I’m feeling ready!

2 thoughts on “Weighing In

  1. You are motivating me. Keep pressing on. I am considering maybe making a blog for weight loss as well??? But I am scared I will only let myself down again and again. Seems I am like a yo-yo. I have gained 25 pounds and due to my many back issues really need it off but cannot stay on track even 1 day 😦 Food has control of me and its a Bully!!!!


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