It Begins…

Earlier this year, I became an ordained minister. It is a non-denominational affiliation that I acquired mainly to be able to perform weddings but I can also preside over funerals/ burials or baptisms.
I received my credentials and have basically been sitting on them. I’ve had a lot going on personally and am now getting to the point where I have the time to work on my business plan and my business. My business will be a sole proprietorship where I will be a wedding officiant as well as offering services as a wedding singer.
This is where I will begin storing my ceremony ideas. When I find readings and blurbs that speak to me, I write them down. Of course, there will be copies backed up on my laptop but I have always been a fan of pen to paper.
I am also working on website ideas and other marketing opportunities. Since it is just me, I don’t want to expand too quickly but I definitely see myself expanding and having a partner or maybe employees. There is a lot to consider and I am definitely just in the planning stages right now but I am SUPER excited.

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