Mental Health Weekend

I have been wallowing in my circumstances; healing from my eye surgery, all of the time I’ve had to take off of work, bills and health. Not complaining, just allowing things to consume my thoughts…alot!


You see, I am loathe to go do anything because I can’t really see beyond a few inches in front of my face and that makes me feel anxious and unsafe. Plus, I feel guilty going to do stuff but I’m not going to work. I realize though that I can only do what I can do. Without correction, I can’t do my job. That doesn’t mean that I have to stop living life.


My honey decided that I needed a mental health weekend so we grabbed one of the grandbabies (our only local one) and headed to the ocean. I have to say that I am glad I went because it was just what I needed.

Baby Jay


Granny T & BugABoo


Super model

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