Weekly Weigh-In x2

So, I got really busy and really sick so I didn’t post last week. My weigh-ins are always on Wednesdays. At last week’s weigh-in, I was down 1.6lbs and another 3.25 total inches. Yay me!!



When I weighed in this week I had gained 1.4lbs. but still lost 2.25 total inches. Yay me…again!!


Upon discussing things with my health coach, we discovered that the gain was more than likely due to the sugar in the cough drops and cough syrup I have been taking because of my illness. Also, the provider that I saw gave me prednison (steroids) which didn’t help my situation either.

So, the score card for those keeping track…

I started the Ideal Protein program on 1/19/14


As of 3/19/14 I am down a total of 24.6lbs


I am down a total of 11.25 total Inches…-3.5in in my chest, -2.75in in my waist, -3.25in in my hips, -1.25in in my arms, -1.50in in my thighs.

What is most awesome for me is that I am having to buy some clothes in smaller sizes; I bought new pants that are 3 sizes smaller the other day. WHOOP! WHOOP!




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