Ideal Protein…The Remix!

I was on the Ideal Protein program before, a few years ago,  but the timing wasn’t right and I was not successful and had to stop.
Recently, I tried to start again. That day was a comedy of errors that resulted in me making the decision to stop, regroup, wait a couple days and then start again.
Sunday, January 19th, 2014, I restarted my restart of Ideal Protein (You still with me?). I had a great week and followed the program to the letter. The program eliminates dairy, fruits and grains from your diet. My diet must have been carb & sugar heavy because I definitely went through some withdrawals but I stuck it out.
The good thing about the program is that you don’t ever feel hungry but I definitely had to fight a couple ugly behaviors that presented themselves; blind snacking and emotional eating. I had to find another outlet so I read more, wrote in my journal more and blogged more; that seemed to do the trick.
I had my first weigh-in on Friday, January 24th. I was so anxious about it that I was nauseous. I am down 9.6lbs. It felt so good to hear that I almost cried. It definitely gave me the boost I needed to jump into the next week with renewed strength of will. I am -9.6lbs closer to my first goal which is to get out of the 400 club.





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