Happy Birthday Grandma!

Geneva V. Coley-gone but never forgotten.

My grandma has been gone now for 9 years. Some days are harder than others but I miss her everyday. It’s funny, the things that make me think of her; my mother’s hands, my aunt’s voice, anytime my family gets together, certain cooking smells.
I miss talking to her; her wisdom, her jokes, her fussing. Just being in her presence was…comfortable and comforting.
Today would have been her birthday. Every year I think of one thing…
23 years ago, on this day, I went into labor; it was my grandma’s birthday. I was laying around at her house on the bed that she kept in her living room and said “Granny, I think I’m in labor.” She said “I know.” I asked her how she knew. “I’ve got 5 children. I know it when I see it.” I said “Granny, it would be cool if I had my baby on you birthday, right?” She stopped ‘piddling’ (as she used to call it) looked me in my eyes and with a straight face said “Don’t you have that baby on my birthday. I don’t like to share.” Soooooo…I waited two days.

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