Happy Mother’s Day!

Me and my favorite girl!
Me and my favorite girl!

I am so thankful for my mother! Tomi & I got to take her to brunch again which has become our tradition; I think this is year number 6. We did the all-you-can-eat bruch at the LaQuinta Inn in Tacoma. It was delicious as usual. Tomi & I didn’t get to spend any time with either of our children that are local because they had better things to do apparently but no love lost…maybe a little disappointment though.
Mother's Day 2011
Mother’s Day 2011

This is from our brunch a couple years back. We always take a picture together whenever we get together. I love having the memories and being able to look back and see how we’ve changed although it doesn’t seem like my mom ages at all. I am thankful to have those genes.
Out on the town!
Out on the town!

As I am getting older, I really appreciate the time that I get to spend with my mom because I know that she won’t be around forever. I love the fact that I have so many great memories of time with my mother. She has made sure that I knew that the world is bigger than my neighborhood. She did her best to make sure that I was ready for the world. I think she did an AMAZING job if I do say so myself.

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