I Said Yes To The Dress!!

I did it! I picked a dress! It’s absolutely gorgeous and totally me; a little bit of class & elegance and a whole lotta sexy. (wink). I tried on a total of four dresses in my search for the perfect one. I am glad that it didn’t turn into a long, drawn out ordeal because getting in out of those things is a lot of work. By the end of things, both the attendant and I were sweating and breathing hard. The only thing that would have made the experience better would have been to have my mother there with us. Having her there to see me walk down the aisle will have to suffice. The best part of the experience was that in getting measured for the dress, I realized that I am down 2 dress sizes…on top. The tush is still not budging but I am cool with my weight loss progress.
We had engagement photos taken and they turned out great so I will be completing my save-the-dates and sending them out in the next week or so. I am still trying to figure out invitation wording and figuring out when I am gonna get those mailed out.





IMG_0152 bw
I have to admit that I am starting to feel a little bit of pressure now. We still haven’t chosen a dress for my Maid Of Honor and we still have to figure out what Tomi and the rest of the bridal party are going to wear. I still have to meet with the officiant to discuss the details of the ceremony, I have to meet with the DJ to discuss the playlist and I have to get with the venue to discuss the seating layout for the reception. I wish that I could clone myself for the next few months. I know that I will get everything done, I work well under pressure, but I am more than a little stressed.

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