Brides 2013 At TRAC In Pasco, WA

At an event like this, it is easy to get overwhelmed if you don’t have a plan and thankfully, we did. I was looking for flowers, cakes and dresses and Tomi wanted to meet with a travel agent. Tomi was such a good sport about going although I am sure that she would have loved to be doing anything else. I knew that it would be good for her to go just because she is very visual. As I am planning and trying to include her in the planning, there are things that I describe to her that mean nothing to her if she can’t see what it looks like or touch it to see what it feels like.
We tasted cakes; oh so many cakes. The most amazing thing to ever cross my lips was the pistachio cupcake from Cupcakes Bakery & Deli in Kennewick, WA. Oh-My-Lanta! I could have stood there and eaten every one. There was also a pretty amazing salted caramel one from Frost Me Sweet in Richland, WA. There were skin care vendors, Lipo vendors, DJ’s, venues, photographers, videographers and lots of other vendors. Add the 407 registered brides and whoever they chose to bring with them and you have one crazy crowd.
On our way over to find seats for the fashion show, Tomi stopped at the wine bar in the back of the room. Once we got a glass of wine, the whole affair became so much more fun. The fashion show was both lovely and fun. They threw in some funny and some kids that were super cute to keep everyone interested. We had a nice time and we got lots of info and even booked a vendor while we were there (it’s a secret). I will be glad when all of this planning a prepping is done and the big day is here but I have to say that I am enjoying all of it.

There was a wonderful fashion show
Plenty of gorgeous wedding cakes
This one with the bows was the prettiest (it could just be that I am partial to bows
Pretty vintage lace dress
A gorgeous ball gown
Taste the rainbow! Look at the handwork on this cake. Would you believe that this was done at the Walmart bakery?

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