10 Random JaVonna Facts


I thought this would be fun because no one is more random than I am. I have done lists like this before and it is fun. Plus, I think that random facts are a good way for you to get to know me and for me to get to know myself so here we go. Hopefully I don’t offend anyone.

1.) I think that a Twix is probably the most amazing candy in the world followed at a close second by Peanut M&Ms.

2.) I keep my house a little on the warm side because I enjoy walking around in my underwear.

3.) I love going to visit other people’s homes but I have having people in my home/ space. ┬áNothing personal; it’s an anxiety thing.

4.) I enjoy people watching and have gotten much better about biting my tongue when I am tempted to talk bad about the people that I am watching.

5.) I absolutely LOVE drag queens. So much so that I am considering having one perform at my wedding.

6.) I am a big fan of catalog shopping. I get about 10-15 different catalogs a month in the mail. Don’t worry, I recycle.

7.) I enjoy making lists.

8.) I currently subscribe to 7 magazines on my nook e-reader.

9.) I am a proud Vagitarian & Pescetarian.

10.) I long to be in a relationship that lasts as long as my parents’ have; I am currently 1/3 of the way there having been with my partner for 9+ years.

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