Family Ties

This past weekend, I got to spend some much needed time with family. Since we live on the other side of the state, 4+ hours away, I don’t get to see my family nearly as often as I’d like. And when we do get to town, its hard to get around and see everyone in a weekend. It’s beautiful to see how we’ve grown over the years and how close we are; even though we don’t get to see one another as often as we’d like to. There are new babies, weddings being planned, kids starting school, new jobs, break-ups, make-ups new homes and so much more. It was great playing catch up with everyone.

I was most excited about getting to see my parents and my sister, niece and nephews. I just love them and miss them so much. I also got to meet my baby cousin, Layla Grace, for the very first time. I have seen pictures of her but being able to touch and hold her was fantastic! It was also my first time meeting my newest nephew in person; HE’S SO STINKING CUTE!

It is a sad but true reality that there are some members of my family that I don’t see for years at a time. Life goes on and thankfully, we have social media to be able to keep up with everyone’s comings & goings and such. As everyone gets older and our lives are changing, we are making the effort to find more opportunities to get together and make memories. Time flies!

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