So Far, So good…

The Ideal Protein plan, for me, has been quite easy to follow and I never once thought of cheating. The program is really restricted in the beginning and I thought it would be difficult for me to give up my favorites. There are a lot of things motivating me; mostly just the fact that I am ready to invest the money, time and effort into my well-being. I AM READY!
I’ve only been following the plan for a few days but in that short time, I have learned a few things I’d like to share. First, I really do have an amazing honey! She has been fixing amazing dinners that are part of my plan and trying to make sure I don’t get bored with my diet of protein and veggies. Second, I love leek soup. And lastly, I didn’t realize how much of a snacker I was until now. I use to eat a lot of BAD snacks!
The most important thing I think I am gaining is a respect for food and the roll it plays in keeping me going. I am breaking previously held, bad habits and replacing them with healthy ones. Instead of lunch being my first meal of the day, I am eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack. And, most importantly, I am drinking a whole lot of water.
I am feeling good about my start and I’m looking forward to my weigh-in on Wednesday. I’ll keep you posted.

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