Thanks For The Memories…

The other day while I was waiting at the pharmacy, I picked up the nearest magazine. It was one of the hundreds of parenting mags they have out there. Anyway, while flipping through the pages, a colorful page of glossy, card stock caught my eye. It was a page that had paper dolls representing every ethnicity and then a page of outfits for the dolls.
I used to LOVE paper dolls! My favorites were paper babies. Never heard of those? Well, that’s because they were hand-drawn and colored for me by my cousin, Camille.


She would draw me little, paper, bundles of joy, swaddled in different colored blankets with a matching bonnet that had lace ruffled framing the little faces. She always made them the same shade of brown as I am with big, bright, brown eyes. She would use scissors to slit the mouth open so I could feed them their bottles; which she also drew along with a pacifier diapers, powder and baby food. Playing with my paper babies would keep me occupied for hours.
I remember lots of fun things I’ve done with my cousin over the years. It was nice to have some of the memories come flooding back. And to think, it all started with a paper doll.

Just me being me.

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