This Christmas

Every Christmas is special in my opinion. For the most part, it brings out the best in people. People are a little kinder to their fellow-man and have a tendency to step outside of themselves and try to do for others more at this time of year than any other time.  I get an opportunity to see and hear from family that I often don’t get to see or hear from at any other time during the year which is nice. It’s an opportunity to meet the new babies, spouse and significant others of your friends and family members and to attend the countless holiday parties that have filled up your calendar.

Yes, I would say that Christmas is a pretty special time of year most of the time but for me, this Christmas will be the one that I remember for years to come. This year, I will wake up on Christmas morning, I will get to wake up and see the best gift I have ever gotten…my daughter. I always see her and talk to her during the holiday season but I have not had the joy of spending Christmas day with my daughter in seven years. She and I both pretty excited about the whole thing. We don’t really do anything special for Christmas but it will be nice to include her in our traditions…going to watch the lights as they pulse to Manheim Steamroller at Senske, driving around looking at different houses all done up for Christmas, hot beverages and Christmas music while ‘decking the halls’ and then Christmas morning breakfast followed by opening presents.

Usually at this time of year, we are stressing about whether there is too much snow in the mountain pass to make it over to see the family but this year, I will be just fine if we are snowed in. I am very thankful for this opportunity to make some memories that we will both have for a lifetime.

1 thought on “This Christmas

  1. I really enjoyed reading this. I feel just as happy as you do about this experience and I know that I too, shall keep these memories close to my heart.


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