So Thankful (10 Things I’m Loving – Birthday Edition)


Thank you, God, for blessing me to see another year. As I get older, my scope changes and I am so thankful for that. I appreciate the way my heart has changed and my mind has matured. I am thankful for everything in my life, the good and the not so good, and I wouldn’t change a thing.
1. So thankful for another year for me (June 27) and another year for Tomi (June 22). I am super happy that we got to share the year with one another; our love and friendship grows stronger with each year.
2. Work – Thankful to be employed and that I really like the work I do. Thankful that my employment, and Tomi’s allows us to have the things we want and need.
3. Friends & Family – Thankful to be surrounded by people who.understand that we may not talk to or see one another regularly but that I am always here and that it’s all love between us. Thanks for all that you are to me.
4. Social Networks – I appreciate what they are to me; a way to stay connected with friends, family and business contacts.
5. My Little Country Home – I am so happy to come home everyday. I feel peaceful in my space with the ones that I love. While it is not yet everything I want it to be, I see and feel what it can and will be. I love our home.
6. Music – I appreciate that no matter where I am in life or what I am doing, there is AMAZING music to provide the soundtrack. I love creating playlists to go along with things I do (prepare for my day, clean house, make love, feel sad, praise God) and to represent different people in my life.
7. Creativity – I am thankful to have singing, writing, crafting and all the other ways that God has given me to express the things that I feel and experience. Without these outlets, my brain and my heart might overflow.
8. A Spirit Of Positively – I try to put positive things out into the world; the things I think and say. All of my life experiences may not be positive, but I can choose how I respond to my life situations and I try to always choose positivity.
9. Affirmations – Everyday, in everyday, I am getting better.
10. Ability & Desire – The ability & desire to love, to laugh, to spread joy & positivity and to live every day that I am blessed to see to its fullest.

Just me being me.

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