Those Were The Days!

Yesterday was awesome! Tomi & I had dinner with the Routson family. That consists of 3 of the cutest little girls you ever want to meet & some pretty awesome parents.
Allie & I went to high school together a few (15+) years ago and have reconnected through the wonderful world of social networking.
The poor waitress didn’t stand a chance. It took us forever to order because we were catching up on the life and times of our families. She did manage to keep the beverages coming so that was awesome.
We spent the better part of two hours talking about school, raising children, teenage love affairs, choir and how amazing Mr. B is, my skills as a poet (Pick Up Your Face) and everything else under the sun. All this while being entertained by what must be three of the happiest children in the world or the Erik Routson Fan Club which is what I shall call them from now on.
So glad that we were able to get together and we will definitely do it again. And this time, we won’t wait so many years in between.

Just being me!

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