Mother’s Day 2011

Four years ago, we started a tradition of an annual Mother’s Day brunch. We picked the LaQuinta Inn-Tacoma because it was close to my mom and they have a great brunch. The first two years there was five of us: My mom, Tomi, Megan, JaLisa & myself. There were lots of laughs and fun times. The third year it was just my mom, Tomi & I. That was a lot of fun because we went to the Silver Fork in Seattle; amazing soul food. This year, Mother’s Day & Jayden’s 4th birthday fell on the same day and we were back at the LaQuinta. Jayden went with us to brunch this year and added a whole new dynamic of fun.
She was very accepting of the concept that it was her birthday but we couldn’t convince her that she was 4. Her understanding was that she didn’t officially turn 4 until she opened presents at her birthday party scheduled for later that day.
She was fascinated with the brunch/ buffet concept. “JaVonna, what do I get to eat?”, she asked me. “Anything you want as long as you eat it and don’t waste.” I told her. To which she replied “I am gonna eat a lot!”. We all ate a lot and it was good.
Our tradition after eating is to take pics of everyone so I picked my favorite to share. There was lots of love shared that day. Who knows what combination of us will be there next year? I am excited by the possibilities.

Just being me!

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