10 Things I Am Loving Right Now

February’s List~I want you to know I had to pray on this one because February was a really hard month for me.

1) Life!-Everyday that I wake up is a blessing from God and an opportunity to be better. It may sound cheesy to some but that really is how I live my life.

2)Tomi-We have been together for 7+ years but Feb 17th, 2006 is the day we committed to one another for life. I have no regrets. She is truly an amazing woman.

3)My Job-Thankful to be employed. I love that there is an underlying order to the chaos that sometimes accompanies my work. It feels good to be worn out from a job well done at the end of the day. LOVE IT!

4) Being an entrepreneur!-I have become a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. I am taking baby steps toward being my own boss and empowering myself and others; that feels awesome. Check me out http://www.marykay.com/JaVonnaThomas and register for monthly deals (you knew that plug was coming).

5) DIY (Do It Yourself) Projects-Tomi and I have been taking steps to clear out our clutter and organize our lives. In doing so, we have come across some issues with storage. It has been fun to come up with ways to solve our problems that are inexpensive and just require some trips to the craft/hardware store and re-purposing things we already have.

6)Pescetarian- term created in the early 90’s to describe a vegetarian who’s main diet consists of vegetables, fruit and whole grains but who occasionally enjoys seafood. That would be Tomi & I. Making the transition was not as difficult as one might think.

7)Accessories & Toiletries-In clearing and cleaning my space, I discovered just how many pair of earrings, necklaces, lotions and body sprays I have. WOW! Tomi says she thinks they’re mating and multiplying while we sleep.

8)My Blackberry!-What an amazing device. I appreciate that for all of my needs ‘there’s an app for that!’.

9)My Grandmother-This February marks the 6th year since she passed away. This year, instead feeling sad because she is gone, I felt happy to have her in my life for as long as I did. I took the time to reflect on all the happy memories of her. Truly a blessed woman who tried to be a blessing to others.

10)Me!-I love who I am and I love who I am striving to be.

Just Me, JaVonna

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