Sweet Love

The other day, Tomi & I made a trip to the corner store. She bought me a bag of Orange Slices. You know, the bright orange candies shaped like an orange wedge and coated in sugar? I have always loved these candies! I used to buy them all the time because you could get a big bag of them for $1.
That night, as I ate a few of them, memories started flooding back and I went to sleep with a smile on my face. For some reason, I like to eat them just before I go to bed. I think that some things are best appreciated in your sleepy clothes.
When Tomi & I were dating, my asthma was not in control and I was in the hospital all the time. Whenever I wasn’t feeling well, Tomi would come to visit me and bring me orange slices. She thinks they’re gross but has always loved the fact that such a small gesture could bring a smile to my face.
I have always appreciated Tomi’s understanding that if you let ‘the little things’ fall by the wayside, it makes the grand gestures on holidays, birthdays and anniversary seem more important than they are…in my opinion. Instead of waiting to present me with one grand and overpriced gesture of love, she does little things all the time just to show that she’s always thinking of me and the love we share.
I do like flowers but for me, its much sweeter to have a bag of my favorite candies waiting on my pillow when I get home from a long day at work; that’s the ‘sweetest’ love.

Just Me, JaVonna

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