A ‘Term’ Of Endearment

Our children have two moms and no matter what opinion anyone has about that fact, our children know they have two parents that love them no matter what. Between Tomi & I we have a small tribe. There’s about 5….or 6; I lost count a while ago.
Anyway, all of our children are grown; some with children of their own. The youngest, JaLisa, just turned 20. It is her sense of humor and creativity in describing her parents that brought about this story.
The two oldest girls call me Stankie (long story for another time). The boy calls me JaVonja. One of the baby girls calls me JaBonna or JaBonBon and the youngest calls me Mom. I consider these to be terms of endearment; names that they use to let the world know that I belong to them and they belong to me.
On a recent visit to Tacoma to visit my parents, JaLisa relayed to me that she was having a conversation with one of her friends about Tomi and I. “My mom & Tomi” this and “My mom & Tomi” that. Her friend asked “Who’s Tomi?” to which JaLisa replied “You know how I told you my mom is a lesbian? Well Tomi is my dad/mom.” I was at a loss for words which doesn’t happen very often. “JaLisa, what the hell is a dad/mom?” “Well,” she says “I have my mom who does mom stuff and then I have my dad/mom. You know, the one who carries the heavy stuff.” I laughed so hard that I almost tinkled. Tomi now has her own term of endearment that is unique to her to go along with the others. She is now known as Mom, Mama and Dad/Mom and she wears them all proudly.

Just Me, JaVonna

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