Happy Birthday…

This day is important to me for a couple of reasons. On this day, in 1936, my grandmother was born. My grandma was the kind of person whose door was always open. She would “put you up” for the night (or years as was the case for several people), she would feed you, counsel you and pray for you. She was an amazing woman who would do for others even when they had proven time and again that they meant her no good. She had a giving heart and I miss her very much.
On this day, 20 years ago, I 14 years old, 9 months pregnant and had started having contractions. I had gone to my grandmother’s house which was my daily routine and was just laying around watching TV. I mentioned to her that my belly felt tight and a little uncomfortable. She said “Ummm hmmm. You’ll probably have that baby soon.” I said “Wouldn’t it be cool if you and the baby have the same birthday?.” to which she replied “Don’t you have that baby on my birthday. Its mine and I don’t wanna share.” I pouted and she chuckled. My daughter was born two days later. Years later, we joked about how she had scared my baby into staying inside for a couple more days. My daughter was her first great-grandchild and my family was blessed to have 5 generations of love for the first few years of her life and 4 generations of love for 14 years of her life. I like to think there is some significance in the fact that I was 14 when my daughter came into this world and my daughter was 14 when my grandmother left this world.
Happy Birthday Geneva Verniece Coley.
Jan 21st, 1936-Feb 19th, 2005

Just Me, JaVonna

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