Actions Speak Louder Than Words

I have to admit that I have fallen victim to the reality TV craze; though I can tolerate only so much before I have to change the channel.
I was watching Tabatha’s Salon Takeover and saw something that offended my sensibilities as a lesbian. There was a salon in a LGBT resort destination in Province Town, MA. The salon owner & employees were ridiculous with street-selling that bordered on assault, flamboyant stylists who couldn’t give a decent consultation or a haircut and a hand-written menu of services that offered such goodies as the ‘Better-Than-Sex Pedicure’. The biggest offense was a stripper pole in the middle of the salon that patrons were ‘encouraged’, to the point of harassment, to dance on for discounts on goods & services.
What made it particularly heinous for me is that their often inappropriate antics were explained away by the offenders as being alright “because it’s Province Town.” Multiple times they brought out that they felt the behavior was acceptable because it was a gay community; as if gay people are expected to be ridiculous and over-the-top.
For some people in the LGBT, this may be their reality but I find myself offended by the “schtick” that is often associated with being gay. Contrary to popular belief, not everything in my wardrobe has a rainbow theme. I have conversations that don’t involve lip-smacking, finger-snapping and not so clever wordplay with thinly veiled sexual innuendo.
Some may think that I am making a big deal about this but it upset me that they chose to portray themselves as unprofessional clowns with the expectation that their behavior should be excused because they’re gay; as if their behavior couldn’t be helped. People wonder why there are those who have a hard time taking the LGBT community seriously but with examples like the ones I saw portrayed… Let’s just say that one bad apple can spoil the whole bushel.
I would just like to shout out to those in the community that are showing positive, professional examples of daily life to their community and to the world.

Just Me, JaVonna

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